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Bryan D. Hopkins

Date of Birth: Jan. 28, 1976

Profession: Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer



Background: Bryan Douglas Hopkins was born in Dayton, Ohio and spent much of his formative years in Aurora, a suburb outside of Cleveland. Growing up he was drawn to music and photography, but gave them up to serve in the 82nd Airborne Division as a parachute medic. Following his enlistment, Bryan embarked on a decade long journey to find himself.

During this time music was his primary creative outlet while working in the corporate world with the first as being a marketing director of a pension administration firm while the other being an executive mortgage banker at Quicken Loans. He also attended Kent State University and discovered a passion for world culture that would lead to a three year trip around the world, focusing primarily on Asia, studying religion, culture and international politics. It was in Taiwan that he met his wife and spent a year as an English coordinator to the Taiwanese Military. Despite the vast diversity of life experiences it wasn’t until the collapse of the finance industry that Bryan found his true calling as a filmmaker.

Cashing out what little savings he had Bryan enrolled into film school, committed himself to creative pursuits and was quickly recognized among his peers. Since then, Bryan’s uncompromising determination has brought to the screen numerous short films that are permeated with powerful performances along with dark and stunningly captured images. His work often draws comparisons to such tortured greats as Darren Aronofsky, Park Chan-wook, and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Bryan’s latest effort, Qing Lou Nu (The Prostitute), has been screened twice locally prior to its scheduled festival premiere and has earned the “Audiences Choice Award” at the October Mitten Movie Project. The Detroit independent Film Festival (March 3rd -7th, 2010) has nominated Qing Lou Nu in seven categories and will be holding the official premiere.

Qing Lou Nu is a stylistic film that explores the life of an Asian prostitute trapped by a contradictory world of passion and obligations. All of which climaxes when one of her a naïve clients confesses his love. This macabre tale of east meets west is noted for its potent performances by the leads Cindy Chu and Axel Harney; along with the carefully orchestrated imagery which combines to create a moment of beauty that will not be soon forgotten.

Early in 2010, Bryan launched his personal media company Autumn Tree Media. Their main focus is to work with individuals and families to help record their life's stories so that it can be shared with loved ones and preserved for future generations.

Bryan has numerous projects in different stages of development, but is currently in the process of producing the documentary "Dirty Energy," which explorers the human and environmental costs of fossil fuels through the eyes of everyday people.


For more information contact: bryan@floodfilms.com or 734.926.5634



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