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Iceland – 2012 Writer, Director, Producer

Currently in pre-production


Dirty Energy – Early 2012 Director, Producer, Editor

Feature documentary about the costs BP Oil Spill.



The Legendary Cobo – 2012 Assistant Director, Camera Operator

Feature documentary about Cobo Arena.


Runways and Bunkbeds – 2010 Associate Producer, Cinematographer

Narrative Comedy/Drama


Forest – 2010 Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

Music Video for the band King Sparrow

He runs frantically through the city to save his tormented lover!

Qing Lou Nu – 2009 Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

An Asian prostitute is trapped by a contradictory world of passion and obligations which climaxes when one of her a naïve clients confesses his love.

Sleepful Painless – 2008 Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Actor

Suffering emotionally from the loss of his wife, within the context of a troubled childhood, a husband dies in his sleep of self-inflicted wounds.


The Moment – 2008 Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer

A troubled musician pushed to the brink from his rock star lifestyle meets an angel that helps him with questions not answers.

Mad World – 2007 Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer

Father and Son become one as their paths travel the same road with the same results.

Awards & Nominations

2010 Detroit Independent Film Festival

Best Director, Best Cinematography: Qing Lou Nu


2010 Best Short Film: Qing Lou Nu

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

Ferndale Film Festival

Blue Water Film Festival (3rd Place)


Official Selection: Qing Lou Nu 2010

Stepping Stone Film Festival - India 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

LA Reel Festival

Saginaw Film Festival

Michigan Film Festival


2009 Mitten Movie Project

Qing Lou Nu

Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Art Design, Best Actress

October – Audience Choice Award


2007 Motion Picture Institute Annual Film Festival

Best Editing, Nominated Best Director: Sleepful Painless

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